Sweet Poetry: Q&A with P. Andrew Miller

Today’s Q&A is with P. Andrew Miller, a contributor of prose poetry to the inaugural issue of Sugared Water.

P. Andrew Miller is a writer of lots of different things like short stories, poems, lyric essays, reference articles, etc. He is coordinator of creative writing at Northern Kentucky University.

a little taste of “A Poem About My Father” from SW#001:

 Perhaps I should write a poem about my father and his rabbits that he raised in a complex of cages and coops (that used to have chickens too but most of those were gone before I had to take my turn at taking care of them) up on the hill behind our house and how he raised them for food, almost two hundred of them and how he would go up each Thursday because that was garbage day and pick out the ones that were ready to be butchered, and bring them down to the house and hang them up by their back legs in little leather loops hanging from the ceiling and they would squeal as the big butcher knife sliced into their throats and the blood spurted on to the paper spread underneath and how he would strip the skin off, take out the guts, then cut the paws off and throw the rabbits on ice to take to the man who bought them from him and sold them at his store in the city but I hated the rabbits and having to haul gallon buckets of water and food up the hill, especially in the rain or the snow and I couldn’t kill them though sometimes I watched and I liked going with him to the man’s house who bought them because he and his wife were nice to me.

SW: What are you currently reading?
PAM: A backlog of comic books I didn’t have time to read during the last school year.

SW: What are you working on now?
PAM: A collaborative novel, a short story, and editing a poetry chapbook.

SW: What writers/works have inspired you?
PAM: Neil Gaiman, Flannery O’Conner, and Terry Pratchett.

SW: Where do you seek inspiration?
PAM: Mindless activities like grass cutting. 🙂

SW: Would you talk a bit about your writing process?
PAM: A lot of my wiring process happens away from the keyboard. I have an idea, maybe even a plot. I usually wind up with a problem that needs to be solved. I mull that over, sometimes for days, while I do other things. Usually, I get a “eureka” moment then on where to take the story and can sit down and write it from there.

SW: With what are you obsessed?
PAM: Well, it was original comic art of eBay, but I managed to break that addiction for the present. 🙂


Bodies in Water, a prose chapbook (Porkbelly Press)
In Love, In Water, and Other Stories (forthcoming from Post Mortem Press in 2014)

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