Sugared Water #004!

Released on NYE, our 4th issue is 72 pages of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. We have two short stories, four essays, and 27 poems. (We waited to post hoping that our contributor copies could make it home.) | contributors & more info

Each cover is altered with hand-coloring, so the edition of 100 varies.


Sugared Water 003

Available via WLH at Etsy. $10 each.

Each copy of #003 is wrapped lovingly in a hand-pulled, two color serigraph with stencil on 100% recycled (25% PCW), most 80# or 105# stock. This edition is limited to 100, each hand-numbered & handsewn. (Spring 2015)

Our cover features a skeletal lizard inspired by one of the pieces inside the mag. The drawing for this stencil is by Porkbelly Press’ own Jonathan Rountree.

Contributors for our third issue:
Valentina Cano, “Sea Bed Truths”
Sara Biggs Chaney, “How I Learned That I Was Poisonous”
Yuan Changming, “Solitude”
Tessa Cheek, “Grandmother”
Audrey Childress, “Between You and Death” & “Mourning Dove”
Dana Clark, “Remembrance”
Liz Dolan, “Holding Pattern” & “If the Bus is Late I Will Wait in the Rain”
Katherine Frain, “For Julia, Whom I No Longer Love” & “Say Honey”
Jennifer Gravley, “Daughter”
J. Todd Hawkins, “On the Glories of Graffiti” & “November Missing”
Russel Hehn, “Brittle Little Things”
Ann Hudson, “Crush”
Mark Jackley, “Country Dance” & “History and Geography”
Anna Leahy, “Nuclear Haiku”
Rachel Mangini, “A Test of Art and Science”
Sarah Nix, “Photograph”
Molly Prosser, “My Ex-Boyfriend’s Ex-Drummer Used to Live in Texas” & “Dawn”
Jim Redmond, “E Motherfucking T”
JoAnna Scandiffio, “Moonlighting at the Post Office”
Caitlin Scarano, “What Should Have Been Four” & “The Animal for the Year in Which You Left”
Melvin Shackelford, “Vital Mechanics of the Cold War, Ended”
Rhiannon Thorne, “The Ringer”
Maggie Woodward, “Field Guide to Farming in Winter”
Alicia Wright, “Some Wildness” & “Memorial Gardens”
Emily Yoon, “It’s Dark in Here” & “Your Poem About Another Woman” & “Grandmother Reminisces with Peaches”
Cover: Jonathan Rountree & Nicci Mechler


Sugared Water #002

We’re pleased to announce the release of our second issue of Sugared Water! | via WLH on Etsy.

Each copy of #002 is wrapped lovingly in a hand-pulled, four color serigraph with stencil on 100% recycled (25% PCW) 105lb stock. We used a technique called a rainbow roll, and though every print contains 3 ink colors, the gradient blend on each is unique. (We began with white, yellow, and red inks and printed a finishing line in metallic gold.) This edition is 195, each hand numbered & handsewn. (Spring 2014)

Our cover features a trio of feathers stacked to suggest a leaf form, inspired, of course, by one of the pieces inside—in this case, a poem.

Our contributors for Sugared Water #002:

Katie Berger, “Valentine’s Day”
Jessica Bixel, “The Sister and Other Inventions”
Su Cho, “In the Middle of the Highway, There is a Garden”
Wendy Creekmore, “This Place Turned Headstone”
Kelly Dumar, “Enough”
Malisa Garlieb, “The Pair” and “Blueberry Season”
Lois Marie Harrod, “Dump”
Scott Hartwich, “Montana Elegy”
Yume Kim, “The Little Girl and the Blue Umbrella”
Anna King, “Everything Afterward Had Always Been”
Christen Leppla, “Morning”
Rebecca McLeod, “Don’t Forget to Hang the New Curtains in Our Bedroom”
Caitlin Neely, “The Interior Part”
s. Nicholas, “Feed” and “Cherries”
Dustin Parsons, “Transmission” and “Mulberries”
Marina Petrova, “The Boat”
John W. Sexton, “The Legend of Flight”
Wes Solether, “I Lay Flush With”
SJ Stephens, “Hidden Among Trees”
Steven Wolf, “He Holds Me Together Against His Chest”

You can see our rainbow roll above, and a couple examples of the variations in the edition. You can achieve a more controlled and similar roll by using printing guides, but we decided to go-with-it-and-see approach. Our overlay is a line drawing screened in  metallic gold. we’ve stenciled the letters with cyan acrylic (a few are gold or red), and sewn the books with a heavy cream or white heavyweight thread.