Myth+Magic Special Edition: Call for Submission: July 15 through August 25, 2014

Sugared Water is seeking works inspired by myth and magic for a special limited edition. We’re seeking works that update old classics, perhaps moving a mythic character into the modern world, or personal pieces. If Hades owned a bookshop in downtown Chicago, what would a visit be like? We’ll also consider trickster stories and fables. Choose a pantheon or people and give us your take. Tall tales welcome.

We will read for this issue until it is full (no more than 56 pages), accepting work as it strikes us. Give us evocative, descriptive language. Spin and enchant us.

We’re fans of literary work and genre, so feel free to blend the two, or step to one side or the other.

Poetry • Fiction • Creative Nonfiction • Comics & Sequential Art • Art

Some topics you might consider:
Magic gardens, tricksters, witchcraft & herbalism, magic realism, origin stories, retelling of myths about gods and monsters, divination & fortune telling, gods in the modern world.

We’ll consider creative nonfiction as long as it touches on some relationship with myth or magic, or perhaps an affection for oral narratives within your own family—you could tell us how fantastical figures have influenced your development as a writer. Personal essays welcome.

  • Fiction & CNF should follow standard manuscript format. We’ll consider micro forms and short forms up to 4,500 words.
  • Art & Comics: No more than 5 .JPGs/pages at a time, please. We already have a cover, so we’re looking for internal art. High contrast black & white pieces work best.
  • Poetry: submit all poems in one .doc, .docx, or .rtf. No more than five poems per submission. Please format your works in 12 point Times New Roman or Garamond font.

Include a cover letter with brief 3rd person bio (no more than 50 words, no more than 5 previous publications listed), and contact information. Anything else you tell us is strictly up to you, but we’d love to know what you’re reading or what inspires you.

Payment: 1 (one) contributor copy of the resulting limited edition, handbound & numbered issue.

We may wish to archive a few pieces on our website, but we will always ask your approval first.

We accept submissions made via Submittable.

If you’re a Duotrope user, you can report your submission there as well.


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