Call for Subs – Special Edition – Epistolary

Sugared Water is seeking short works for a special edition of letters. We’re looking for works of creative nonfiction, micro or flash fiction, or poetry addressed to someone, be it a lover, friend, public figure, past self, the universe, or the world at large.

We’re looking for the intimate and specific, letters full of evocative language, short, funny notes, or passionate remembrances. These can take the form of poems or prose poems as well as prose pieces. Submit all pieces in one .doc, .docx, or .rtf. Prose forms should not exceed 1,000 words each (you may submit 3 at a time in the prose genres). We will consider up to 5 poems.

This call is open at Submittable until April 1, 2014.

You may submit poetry and prose in separate submissions (that is to say you may submit up to 3,000 words of prose and 5 poems at a time).

Please format your works in standard manuscript format. Times New Roman and Garamond are our preferred fonts.

(You may write persona poems. Want an example? We adore Rita Dove’s “Demeter’s Prayer to Hades.” Note: she got away with slipping soul into that poem, but we’re a seriously hard sell in almost every other instance.)

What we don’t want to see:
Love poems with the word love in them.
Soul in a poem.
Rhyming poetry.
Stalker-y love letters.
Death threats (unless your speaker’s the Joker talking to Batman, and Harley gets involved–then we may consider it).


Simultaneous Submissions are fine by us, but please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere and needs to be withdrawn.

Please wait for our response to your first packet before sending additional submissions in any given genre.

Payment & Rights

We request First North American Serial Rights. Your rights revert back to you, the author/artist, upon publication. For participation in our magazine, you will receive one (1) contributor copy of the issue in which your work appears.


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