P. Andrew Miller’s “The Year That Had a Santa Claus”

P. Andrew Miller’s “The Year That Had a Santa Claus”

One of our SW#001 contributors, P. Andrew Miller, has a Christmas themed short story available this week on Amazon (Kindle or Kindle app, anyone?). For 99 cents, it’s cheaper than a Christmas card and is sure to entertain—we know from previous experience with his tales. He describes this story like so:

“A Christmas Fable for adults. (It’s cheaper than a card and will take longer to read!) When Fred Otis goes to his job as a mall Santa, he suddenly finds himself turned into the real thing. This causes great confusion for his boss and especially his wife. What does a Santa with all the powers but none of the trappings do?”

If you’re into jingle bells and mall Santas, but not in a creepy way, this story just might be a good holiday gift to someone (yourself or other literary nerds, perhaps?) In case you’re wondering, the artist for the cover is his four year old niece. We also support young artists. 🙂

The Year That Had a Santa Claus” was first published in Midnight Zoo.

If you’re more of a poetry nut, Andy’s lyric comic, The Legacy of the Turquoise Knight, is available in hardcopy. Just contact him over at his blog: pandrewmiller.com.


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