As you may have noticed, we’re compiling our first proof of our very first issue. There are two important things to note:

1) We went with Garamond as our font of choice. Fantastic, is it not? (Font nerd.)

2) All submissions have received a response. (We’re waiting for a few confirmations and updated bios before getting down to the business of copy editing.)

Our release date isn’t set yet. We’re still working on some ideas for a cover design, sussing out story/poem/essay order, and generally tinkering with things we’re probably too caffeinated to mess with. In short, we’re doing all those things one does in order to take a pile of submissions to a beautifully printed & bound object.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be compiling our contributors page (here on the site & on paper), linking you to their websites, and likely reporting things on Twitter & FB. (There may be more Instagram photos, because that happens when multiple editors are artists without current access to a darkroom.)

All told, we read 581 submission packets for this issue. Thank you for keeping us busy & entertained. There’s some really beautiful stuff out there, and we’re delighted to collect it up and offer it to the world.