12 days left!

All pieces submitted on or before 10 May 2013 have received a response, but the rest are in various stages of consideration.

Each piece receives between 2 and 5 looks before response is given, but we’re a bit mercurial in our read order, since each editor or assistant reads differently. We’re doing our best to maintain a pretty fast notification if we know something isn’t right for us, and yes, we’ve had to reject a number of a pretty neat pieces that just didn’t fit our tone.

We’re a new magazine, and new as a group of editors working together, though all of us have worked on publications before, and all of us actively submit work ourselves. Together, we’re hashing out/arguing over/fighting for the guts & tone for our sweet mag.

Thank you, in advance, for all that you have submitted to us, for trusting us with your poems and stories and art.

There are about twelve days remaining in our reading period.

We look forward to whatever else this issue brings. 🙂


2 thoughts on “12 days left!

  1. Sorry but submittable didn’t list story, don’t know why–perhaps you already rejected it and I missed the message–and I couldn’t find any other contact avenue. Please withdraw “Exhuming Captain Midnight” from consideration. It has found a home. And thank you for any time you may have spent with it. Guinotte Wise

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