Hello, World.

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Sugared Water is now open to submissions.

We haven’t determined a close date for our first issue, but we’ll no doubt establish a more solid reading period once we see how this baby shakes out. People have asked what kind of work we’re looking for, and the answer is both simple and complicated: we want things that catch us, make us aware, and tell us where we are or where we might be going. Share with us a secret or imagine us a new place—make us leap. Drag us or coax us, just take us with you.

We’re looking for poems both lyric and narrative, prose of all kinds (including creative nonfiction & micro fictions of literary or speculative bent), artwork, and comics or sequential arts. Send us some of the little bits you’ve been hiding in the depths of your sketchbook or taped up to your bedroom wall. We love layers, photographs, drawings, and sculpture. We dig comics.

Our magazine is new, but we’re all veterans of the editorial process. Our styles are different but complimentary. You can find more about us by checking out the links above, namely our About page and our Guidelines.

Nicci & Kristin are both currently reading poemcrazy. Patrick’s on a Tomas Tranströmer and Charles Wright binge. While we’re wandering through the pages of established presses & writers, we love reading fresh works by new and veteran writers alike.

We’d love to read what you’ve got hot off your pen (or keyboard). Send it to us, and maybe we’ll find a place for it in our pages. You can also say hello on Facebook.

Come follow us on twitter: @Sugared_Water