Epistolary closing // Regular reading period to open April 1

Our epistolary special edition is about to close, new submissions nesting in our submittable pool every darn day. This has been a very popular theme—we’ve been fortunate to read some fantastic works and we’re not finished yet! Sugared Water: Epistolary is open for 4 more days. There’s still time to throw your letter-inspired works into the submission box!

April 1 is also the date of our regular submission period. We’ll consider 5 poems per poet, and up to 4,500 words of fiction or creative nonfiction. We’re quite interested in flash and micro forms, and are always accepting submissions of comics and sequential art.

Sugared Water #002 is set to release in mid-to-late April. Happy Spring!

Call for Subs – Special Edition – Epistolary

Sugared Water is seeking short works for a special edition of letters. We’re looking for works of creative nonfiction, micro or flash fiction, or poetry addressed to someone, be it a lover, friend, public figure, past self, the universe, or the world at large.

We’re looking for the intimate and specific, letters full of evocative language, short, funny notes, or passionate remembrances. These can take the form of poems or prose poems as well as prose pieces. Submit all pieces in one .doc, .docx, or .rtf. Prose forms should not exceed 1,000 words each (you may submit 3 at a time in the prose genres). We will consider up to 5 poems.

This call is open at Submittable until April 1, 2014.

You may submit poetry and prose in separate submissions (that is to say you may submit up to 3,000 words of prose and 5 poems at a time).

Please format your works in standard manuscript format. Times New Roman and Garamond are our preferred fonts.

(You may write persona poems. Want an example? We adore Rita Dove’s “Demeter’s Prayer to Hades.” Note: she got away with slipping soul into that poem, but we’re a seriously hard sell in almost every other instance.)

What we don’t want to see:
Love poems with the word love in them.
Soul in a poem.
Rhyming poetry.
Stalker-y love letters.
Death threats (unless your speaker’s the Joker talking to Batman, and Harley gets involved–then we may consider it).


Simultaneous Submissions are fine by us, but please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere and needs to be withdrawn.

Please wait for our response to your first packet before sending additional submissions in any given genre.

Payment & Rights

We request First North American Serial Rights. Your rights revert back to you, the author/artist, upon publication. For participation in our magazine, you will receive one (1) contributor copy of the issue in which your work appears.

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Sugared Love – Michael A. Chaney’s blog post “Top 10 Lit. Mags…”

Sugared Love – Michael A. Chaney’s blog post “Top 10 Lit. Mags…”

Sugared Water received some sugary love on the blog of Michael A. Chaney. We read on his bio page that he’s finishing a novel that has some reference to cheese flavored soda, but our horror was assuaged by the cuteness of his dog, Vegas. The post, “Top Ten Literary Magazines to Send Your Poetry and Maybe Get Accepted,” details out a few magazines with decent acceptance rates for new writers. Michael writes:

Finally, at long last, those of you who write poetry may find a few helpful hints. There is no desert of lyricism that you must cross with your empty water bottles and broken divining rods. Indeed, there are many fountains of poetry online and in-print for the word thirsty and the prose wary. And yet, it is not often easy to know which of these oases accommodate the emergent poet. Most of the well-known watering holes and definitely the oldest, in fact, are frequently discerning to a fault, making it almost impossible for the novice poet to drop her bucket in their hallowed wells. The following springs, however, are eager to irrigate streams of every kind. So whether you’re experimental or experienced, lyrical or long-suffering, give these waters a taste. They’re reputable and (relatively) accepting.

He said reputable. :D That could be our new blog tagline. (We’re so telling our moms.)

See, the internet believes in us (well, a cheese-soda-interested blogger/academic type anyway). By the way, most of our past submissions flooded in from sites other then Duotrope, which means our Duotrope-listed acceptance ratio is actually skewed (we tend to accept more people who come to us through Duotrope, so their percentage is a little high)—we’re more like 5.22% as of this writing.

In case you were wondering, there are about 26 days remaining in this submission period, so follow Michael’s advice and send your stuff! We’re ready to read, and there’s plenty of snow on the ground to keep us inside with the lit and hot chocolate.

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P. Andrew Miller’s “The Year That Had a Santa Claus”

P. Andrew Miller’s “The Year That Had a Santa Claus”

One of our SW#001 contributors, P. Andrew Miller, has a Christmas themed short story available this week on Amazon (Kindle or Kindle app, anyone?). For 99 cents, it’s cheaper than a Christmas card and is sure to entertain—we know from previous experience with his tales. He describes this story like so:

“A Christmas Fable for adults. (It’s cheaper than a card and will take longer to read!) When Fred Otis goes to his job as a mall Santa, he suddenly finds himself turned into the real thing. This causes great confusion for his boss and especially his wife. What does a Santa with all the powers but none of the trappings do?”

If you’re into jingle bells and mall Santas, but not in a creepy way, this story just might be a good holiday gift to someone (yourself or other literary nerds, perhaps?) In case you’re wondering, the artist for the cover is his four year old niece. We also support young artists. :)

The Year That Had a Santa Claus” was first published in Midnight Zoo.

If you’re more of a poetry nut, Andy’s lyric comic, The Legacy of the Turquoise Knight, is available in hardcopy. Just contact him over at his blog: pandrewmiller.com.


Reading Period Open!

Sugared Water‘s second reading period is open from now until January 1, 2014.

We consider all genres and will take a look at 5 poems, 4,500 words of fiction or creative nonfiction, and up to 5 pieces of art (all media & also comics!). We aren’t shy about speculative fiction, and really dig flash forms. Check out our submission guidelines and then follow the links over to our submission forms on Submittable.

We’d love to read your stuff!


Give the Gift of Sugared Water

Give the Gift of Sugared Water

Sugared Water‘s first issue is now available in a bundle of 3 copies for the autumn season. October is a great time to curl up with some salted caramel hot cocoa & great stuff to read. :)

Each copy is handsewn and numbered. The edition is limited to 240.

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Sugared Water #001

We’re pleased to announce the release of Sugared Water‘s inaugural issue!

This collection of poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction is something we’re proud to offer up to you. As readers, we were delighted to take these works through the process from our submission period through to binding by hand. The contributor copies are winging their way across the world in small batches—we think they’ll be well loved. Our cover illustration was inspired by the very first piece of flash fiction we accepted. (You’ll see when you crack open a copy!)

CONTRIBUTORS for the inaugural issue, SW#001:

Paul David Adkins, “Romancing Christine Garren’s Among the Monarchs in Iraq Despite Central Command’s General Order 1″
Jessica Bixel, “Lovesong”
Michael Brookbank, “Who Said Anything About Flesh?”
Wendy Creekmore, “Fleshen Mavens”
Rebecca Emanuelsen, “Fred the Fish”
Lauren Gordon, “I’m Building a New Spine”
Carol Guess & Kelly Magee, “The Storm Grower”
Roxanne Kent-Drury, “Thousands of Raucous Grackles” and “Last Night of the Year”
Vickie Knueven, “I Remember the Kitchen”
Kate LaDew, “I’m Afraid of the Way Your Voice Changes When You Talk About Him”
Christen Leppla, “Some Kind of Reflection”
Jennifer Martelli, “Avocado”
Rebecca McLeod, “The First Session on Anger Management”
P. Andrew Miller, “A Poem About My Father”
Caitlin Neely, “This is Use” and “Grace Hour”
Victor David Sandiego, “Advice from My Father”
Tori Telfer, “Broken Siren Song”
Rex Anthony Trogdon, “Hazel” and “How to Read a Poem”
Loretta Diane Walker, “Lifting Mama”
Sara Walters, “Kept”
Hilda Weaver, “The Gospel According to Elisabeth”
Yim Tan Wong, “Angelfish”

Each issue of #001 is wrapped lovingly in a hand-pulled serigraph with stencil on 100% recycled (25% PCW) 65+lb stock. The edition of #001 is 240. Each booklet is hand numbered & handsewn.

If you’d like to order a copy, please contact us via email at sugaredwaterlit (at) gmail (dot) com if you’d like to order by check, or you can find us on Etsy with WickedLittleHeart.



As you may have noticed, we’re compiling our first proof of our very first issue. There are two important things to note:

1) We went with Garamond as our font of choice. Fantastic, is it not? (Font nerd.)

2) All submissions have received a response. (We’re waiting for a few confirmations and updated bios before getting down to the business of copy editing.)

Our release date isn’t set yet. We’re still working on some ideas for a cover design, sussing out story/poem/essay order, and generally tinkering with things we’re probably too caffeinated to mess with. In short, we’re doing all those things one does in order to take a pile of submissions to a beautifully printed & bound object.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be compiling our contributors page (here on the site & on paper), linking you to their websites, and likely reporting things on Twitter & FB. (There may be more Instagram photos, because that happens when multiple editors are artists without current access to a darkroom.)

All told, we read 581 submission packets for this issue. Thank you for keeping us busy & entertained. There’s some really beautiful stuff out there, and we’re delighted to collect it up and offer it to the world.

12 days left!

All pieces submitted on or before 10 May 2013 have received a response, but the rest are in various stages of consideration.

Each piece receives between 2 and 5 looks before response is given, but we’re a bit mercurial in our read order, since each editor or assistant reads differently. We’re doing our best to maintain a pretty fast notification if we know something isn’t right for us, and yes, we’ve had to reject a number of a pretty neat pieces that just didn’t fit our tone.

We’re a new magazine, and new as a group of editors working together, though all of us have worked on publications before, and all of us actively submit work ourselves. Together, we’re hashing out/arguing over/fighting for the guts & tone for our sweet mag.

Thank you, in advance, for all that you have submitted to us, for trusting us with your poems and stories and art.

There are about twelve days remaining in our reading period.

We look forward to whatever else this issue brings. :)

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The Water’s Fine

In the coming weeks, we’ll be making our way through the submissions we’ve already received. With one more month open our on reading period, we’re looking forward to even more.

Memorial Day weekend saw a spike of somewhere around 150 submissions, so we do have some things to gnaw on. Thanks to every writer and artist who has so far taken the time to submit to us! We look forward to what the rest of this reading period brings.

We are particularly interested in art, comics, and sequential art at the moment, but feel free to submit to any of our open categories.

Happy June!


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